Friday, February 27, 2009

Mark's Results..

Mark just got a phone call from his doc. He said that the cancer was non- invasive. Which means it couldn't and didn't spread. Which is wonderful news! But he also said it was a higher grade this time from when they removed it 3 months ago. Which isn't good...especially because it came back a higher grade so quickly. He also said they are still planning on doing 6 weeks of treatment once his bladder heals in a few weeks. But it is an immunotherapy called BCG..not chemotherapy. I guess he only got the one dose of chemo during the surgery process. This BCG solution contains live, weakened bacteria that stimulate the immune system to kill cancer cells in the bladder. The doctor uses a catheter to put the solution in the bladder and then Mark will have to hold the solution in the bladder for about 2 hours. He will do this once a week for 6 weeks. Which doesn't sound like fun. It can make him sick.. feel like he has the flu.. and give you pain when you urinate. So not fun! Keep praying that this will take care of it for good! THANK YOU again for all the support! We love you guys! XOXO

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mark's Surgery

Ok..after a very long and stressful day.. I am finally getting a second to let you know that Mark made it through his surgery today. He is doing pretty good... a little nauseated. Hopefully just from the anesthesia. I think the worst part for him is the catheter he has to keep in until Sunday. His doctor really believes that all the tumors were superficial.. not embedded in the walls of the bladder. I have learned this is the only way that the cancer can spread outside the bladder. We won't know for sure though until the lab results come back. The doc was hoping to get them by Friday. He was also going to have them sent off for genetic testing. So those results will be very interesting to get back. Mark had his first chemo treatment during the surgery process too. We are praying it is the first step to killing this thing for good. We appreciate dearly all the thoughts.. prayers.. goodies.. food.. dinners and support. We TRULY have the most wonderful friends and family!! We love you all more than you will ever know! I will let you know as soon as we get all the results. XOXO

Monday, February 23, 2009

Elle Belle's 2nd Birthday

Two year ago... February 22nd, 2007
Elle Olivia Baker

Two Years Later...

Oh..our little Elle Belle where do I start? You are SO full of love and SO full of life.. we would never know what to do without you. You can be such a little spit fire but I wouldn't want you any other way. You melt my heart with those big brown eyes and you give the best wet kisses ever! I love those bouncy little curls on your head, love your little toes that tip toe everywhere you go, love those little chubby buns that run from me when we get you out of the tub.. I love everything about you. We can't believe you are 2 already.. HONESTLY where does the time go?

She had a Fancy Nancy party yesterday on her bday. Grandma and Pop got her a new pink motorized Mini Cooper. You should have seen her eyes light up was like she had just turned 16 and got her first car. It was so funny! She jumped in and took off...she isn't independent at all.. hee hee! We love you SO SO much Elle Belle.. Happy 2nd Birthday!

Elle with her own fancy little replica of her cake...

The pink mini Cooper! One lucky little girl!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mark's Cancer Check Up

Mark had his 3 month check up and scope for his bladder cancer yesterday. We were so optimistic it wouldn't come back for years.. or ever. With much surprise it has already come back. He will be having surgery Tuesday to remove what has already come back. Then they want to start chemotherapy as soon as he heals from surgery. So I have a feeling we have a long and rough road ahead of us.
PLEASE, PLEASE keep him in your prayers! I will try to keep up on his progress through the blog. We are all so thankful for your love, support and friendships! You have all been a big blessing these last 3 months.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Elle's Newest Outfit To Model I got a new package from my favorite girl!! She sent a Queen of Hearts themed outfit this time for Elle to model and me to photograph. It is absolutely adorable! My new favorite with just yummy colors! She also sent Elle a Fancy Nancy themed outfit to model and to wear to her Fancy Nancy birthday party on Sunday. I had to share a few pics of the Queen set. I have to keep the Fancy Nancy set a surprise until Sunday. THANK YOU, Jeanne! Elle and I are so lucky to have you!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Love Day

We hope everyone had a HAPPY DAY of LOVE with big smackeroos! The kids got these silly suckers in their Valentine goodies. Couldn't resist taking a picture of their silly faces! Happy Valentines Day!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tutu Time Again..

Ok..I FINALLY got around ..and finally remembered my camera.. to take some pics of Elle at her dance class. She is so funny! She has been really good at listening and following the instructions. But today I saw her wandering around in the back with a few other little girls towards the end of class. Not sure what happened. It is the sweetest and funniest class to watch. She will be doing recital on June 13th.. don't miss it!

Picking at a sticker she found on the ground... after class.

Playing in the curtain. Boy..Mimi.. her teacher has her hands full.. hee hee!

Father/Daughter Dance 2009

Hailee and Mark had their Father/Daughter dance for Hailee's school last night!! It sounds like they had a lot of fun! They only get to do this special event in 5th and 6th grade. I am really hoping she is still going to want to go to a dance with her daddy again next year!! They were both so sweet last night... a father's love!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy 11th Birthday.. Hailee

Oh my goodness.. where do I start!! I can't believe our little Hailee is 11 today!! Where does the time go? I can still remember bringing her home and saying to Mark "what do we do now" it was yesterday. She was such a good and happy baby... such a funny and smart toddler.. and has always been such a spunky little girl. Hailee has grown into a beautiful young lady..inside and out. She is giving, loving and just adores animals! She truly can be a wonderful big sister and has honestly been a ton of help to me with Elle. She is SO, SO smart.. and LOVES to read.. just like her daddy. She got her dancing and musical skills from me..hee hee. I remember saying when she was little .. I can't wait for her to crawl, I can't wait for her to walk. I wish I would have wished for her to stay little a little bit longer. I can honestly say Hailee has made me a better Mom and a taught me to be a better person overall. I never knew angels existed on earth until I had our sweet Hailee. We love you sweetheart! Happy 11th Birthday!!

Hailee at 3 months. She was so sweet!!