Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Elle's Holiday Performance At Heat Wave

Elle got to perform a holiday dance at Heat Wave this morning! She did AWESOME!! She did all of the dance, smiled and even sang the song!! She is such a little performer!! Way to go Elle Belle!

Elle with her best friend, Riley, and her dance teacher Miss Kerry Lee!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Let it rain..

Elle wanted to go outside SO bad yesterday and play in the rain. So the only pair of rain boots we had were Hailee's old ones that were 2 sizes too big for her. So we put them on and grabbed a jacket and out we went. She was SO funny! I had to get out my camera and I HAD to share the pictures. Oh..what life would be like if we could all live like we were 2 again!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Invitational Baseball Tournament

The Chandler Reds played in a Thanksgiving Invitational baseball tournament Friday and Saturday. After 3 wins and one loss they ended up playing in the final game this afternoon and took second place overall. They played great this tournament and you can tell they are progressing tremendously with every game they play. Hayden pitched one game and did very well! Congratulations Hayden and the Chandler REDS!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Present From Elle

Elle came home today from preschool with the CUTEST turkey hand print on a tile! She was SO proud of it and couldn't even wait for Dad before having me open it. She is so funny!! We hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving!!

Chandler Reds.. First Tournament

Hayden had his first club ball baseball tournament this past weekend! They played two games on Saturday and one on Sunday. They ended up losing 2 and tied 1! They played hard and did great though!! It was a great learning experience for all of them. Great job Hayden!! We have our next tournament this coming weekend. Wish us luck!! Go Chandler Reds!!

Starbound 2009

Hailee had her first dance competition for this dance season ..Starbound. We have cut back and she only has 5 dance pieces she competes this year!! She did great on all of them and always has so much fun! It was a crazy day with back to back dances so I only got a few pictures of her in her costumes. Here are three of them... CONGRATULATIONS Hailee!

Can Can..high gold!

Incredibles (hip hop).. high gold and 3rd overall out of all the junior category dances!

Chicago.. placed gold! I can't get used to Hailee in a blond wig.. hee hee! She thinks it is so fun to wear!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Elle Advertising For Parents Magazine

Our neighbors daughter came across Elle on a huge advertisment for Parents magazine hanging in their Target store in Utah! It was back when she was 9 months old that my amazing neighbor, Tim Pannell, took. I have been on the lookout for it hanging in our local Target stores but haven't seen it yet!! Is she not the cutest thing ever..hee hee?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fall Ball 2009

It was our last season together with all of the families and kids we have been with and played with since T-ball! In the spring the boys all try out and get drafted on to different teams. It is sort of sad!
We had our first game of the end of the fall season tournament Saturday and we ended up losing! So we are out!! But Hayden pitched an amazing game and he had one awesome hit into the outfield too! It was a great game and the boys played hard!! It was truly another great season!! Congratulations Indians!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

We hope everyone had a great and safe Halloween! We went trick or treating in our neighborhood a little bit..then headed to Hayden's friends house that was having a Halloween party/haunted house! It ended up being a lot of fun! Can Halloween be on Saturday night every year?

Elle with her favorite guy at the party..Frankenstein. She wasn't afraid of him at all! I was though...hee hee!

Two little witches brewing up some fun!

Hailee ..a mummy..with her friend Emily who is quite scary looking! Sort of funny though because Mark took the kids and friends to haunted houses a few weeks ago and Emily was too afraid to go in. Guess she is better at the scaring part..hee hee!

Three handsome boys after a long night of trick or treating and running around. The masks were already off at this point but the bags of candy were FULL!

Pumpkin Carving Party

Hayden and Elle got to carve pumpkins again this year at the Redmons! Hailee went with her friends to see the Michael Jackson she missed out! Nothing better than that smell of pumpkins!! We had some great creations this year..Frankenstein...a bat!! THANKS Di and Greg for a great time!

All the creations...

The boys getting gooey...

Elle and Kealie..
Elle's the one that needed to be wearing those devil horns..hee hee!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Party

Elle had a Halloween party in her class at school today! They got to dress up in their costumes, decorate cookies, make scary popcorn hands and trick-or-treat!! She had a great time being a "good" witch as she says! Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween!!

Elle and her best friend Riley!

One with their favorite teacher..Ms. Melissa!

Anxiously waiting for the fun to begin!

One BOOtiful class of 2 year olds!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Flag Football-SCOREpedos

Hayden is 2 games into his flag football season. We are the SCOREpedos and we are 1-1. Hayden plays the quarterback. He has already had a touchdown, an interception, caught the ball for the extra point and threw for the extra point. He is doing awesome and having a blast! Way to go bud!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Girls Day At Schnepf's Farm

Hailee had 3 of her friends stay the night the other night ..Hayden had a boys night at a friends. So we took a trip to Schnepf's farm.. just the girls!! They had the cutest baby billy goats. Elle fell in love with feeding them! I had a hard time getting her away from them!! We rode the train, rode the rides, ate snow cones because it was a tad warm and then all picked out a pumpkin to take home!! I can't believe Halloween is almost here! Where has this month gone??

Elle and her billy goats...


Mark and I got to get away on an all adult trip w/ 3 other couples to Cabo to celebrate one of our best friends Brett's 40th birthday! The guys took Brett fishing one day for his birthday. The resort even cooked the fish up they caught and served it to us for dinner one night! Talk about fresh fish. It was delicious!! We also spent a day hanging out at The Office on the beach and jet skiing, para sailing and snorkeling! The weather was amazing and the water was gorgeous!! We just got out of Cabo before the tropical storm hit! We got really lucky!! Thanks Goldsmiths for inviting us! We had a blast!! Happy 40th Birthday, Brett!!

A few of us starting the trip out right. Taking a limo to the airport! Thanks Dru!

Can't celebrate a birthday in Cabo without going to the Giggling Marlin! Brett was a trooper!


We even found a Starbucks in Cabo the last day! WOW..Starbucks in Mexico! It was delicious too! Can you see Dru missed it so much she got 2!!